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Ways For Us To Work Together

I am committed to working with individuals who are ready and are willing to take 100% responsibility for achieving great things!

  • I do not enforce a ‘formula’ because everyone has a unique path.
  • New clients usually start with the 3 month package – there is no “quick fix” to success.
  • I can meet you in person if you live in Cape Town and surrounding areas, as well as phone or online meetings.


Designed for people who are seeking a comprehensive shift in their life, business or career with the opportunity to focus on all the areas requiring an intervention as determined by you.

Highly recommended as a start to a transformed you, your career or your business, remember coaching and mentoring is about what you want to achieve and it’s a journey, not a quick destination, there is no magic bullet, and you need to invest time in your future.

Starting with an approximate 75-minute assessment session, followed by five sessions of 90 - 120 minutes private coaching and mentoring every second week, with an online meeting every other week as well as e.mail and telephonic support in between.


BREAKTHROUGH SESSION (Individuals, Couples Or Groups)

One approximate 3 hour “breakthrough session” - intense session tailored to an individual specific aspect of personal life, career or business.

I can help resolve a specific challenge such as an important business or career decision, assessing personal growth requirements, determining reasons for lack of business growth, resolving conflict, making a difficult life decision, or getting clarity on spirituality.

I will work together in an intense and detailed one-on-one setting on challenges, mindset, strategy, etc.

You will learn tools to make better decisions and feel excited about life, career or business.

This is followed by one or more 60-minute online consolidation meetings approximately two weeks later.



  • Set goals for your business, train your staff, schedule an interactive problem-solving workshop and achieve great things within your business, division, team.
  • Using my unique process developed over numerous years of working with business challenges I can assist owners and company management to determine the areas of their business requiring interventions and rectification.
  • Together with the business owner or company management I develop an action plan to get the business as a whole, or division, or team, etc. back on track and performing to expectations – the “roadmap to success”.
  • Every roadmap to success includes measurable milestones along the way so that I can ensure that the agreed outputs are being achieved.
  • Providing business and individual solutions that work, ensuring personal and business success.

Contact Info

071 678 3862


2nd Floor
Park Central Building
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